Vite and its environment variables

Vite exposes environment variables on the special `import.meta.env` object, which are statically replaced at build time. It will, right? RIGHT?

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My journey of how I got here today.

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How to fix bad Redux-Toolkit code: Data Fetching

Redux Toolkit is great, but only if used correctly. In this blog post, I'll show some bad redux toolkit code used to do data fetching, and improve it to become resilient for our developers and users.

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What does it mean to be mobile first?

Here's my take on what mobile-first means.

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Do I know: Jest and Cypress

Does Harman know how to use Jest and Cypress? He just uses Vitest for everything.

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Do I know: Webpack?

Does Harman know how to use Webpack? He just uses Vite for everything.

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How I work: Code Style

I'll talk about my philosophy on code style.

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The road to becoming a TypeScript Ninja: JSON, keyof, typeof

I'm currently on a journey to make myself a TypeScript ninja. Come join me for a long part series of things I learn new on TypeScript!

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How I do infinite scroll

I'll talk about my secret technique about infinite scroll. The same technique is actually used for this site!

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Going from React to Preact

I've crossed the dark side to the light: I switched to Preact for this website only. I still will develop websites and web apps in React though.

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Basics of Mermaid Diagrams

As a software engineer, I often have to create sequence diagrams or flowcharts to demonstrate how the system flow is going to work. I used to do all of this via Google Slides or lucidcharts. Now I have forgotten all of that and use something called Mermaid. Click read more to learn what's possible with it.

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How I Deploy my personal websites

I'll talk about how I deploy my personal websites.

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$GITHUB_STEP_SUMMARY is a useful step in Github Actions. What do I use it for?

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Overusing useSelector() in react-redux

useSelector is an easy way to get data for your component. Why not just use it for everything?

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Part II: I miss TypeScript

I've been working without TypeScript for the past 2 months. It is... rough.

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New Site, who dis? Part 2: CSS

Now here's the part 2 - let's talk about my take on CSS and how I approached it in my website.

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New Site, who dis? Part 1: Build chain.

It's been a while, but hey, new look and feel for this site, and I'll describe my journey on how I got here.

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Do I use Redux?

I am a React Developer. Do I use Redux? Insert attention-grabbing thing here to make you click.

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React Class Components VS Functional Components II: Functional Component's Closures, Memory and the Absence of Component Lifecycles

This is part II of my long running series of React Class Components VS Functional Components. This post talks about some shortcomings about functional components and how class components still got it in the bag.

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React Class Components VS Functional Components I: Class Component's this

This is part I of my long running series of React Class Components VS Functional Components

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Apollo Client: Testing Gotchas with MockProvider

This describes some of the gotchas I encountered with Apollo Client.

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Docker: How to connect from container to Host

Don't have time to dockerize everything? This blog post shows what can be done for that.

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