What I Did

  • Created a jQuery slider that showcases events and news articles as a replacement of the flash player for the Viterbi School of Engineering homepage so visitors don't have to download Flash
  • Developed a visualization of Professors in USC Viterbi who work on an Engineering subject + an external discipline
  • Refreshed the mobile Viterbi website to allow more functionality for our mobile visitors

Technologies Used


During my time at University of Southern California (USC), I worked as a student web developer for the school communications website. Although the website has now changed significantly, I gained business and development experiences during this time. I was gathering requirements from clients, and really understanding what it means to develop for a large audience - which is the school itself. I worked with the communications team mostly, but I also branched out to folks that required business needs that require management software, and also the Viterbi Student Ambassadors (VSA, who needed to showcase what they do.


Harman Goei (hrgui) is a developer that loves to make cool and awesome web applications. His strength is in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but he is willing to code anywhere in the stack to make the web be awesome.

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