What I Did

  • Create a web application to store chord charts for musicians

Technologies Used


As a musician that has to play different songs each week, it’s hard to memorize the chord progressions and licks of a song. This mobile-first application stores chord charts of a song so that we can focus on playing rather than memorizing many songs. Also, it includes transposing keys, which allows songs to be sung in a different range.

The application relies on the system’s file system just like VSCode for Web. Nothing is stored online.

Tech stack in detail

  • This is a Pure, offline web app in HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • CSS
    • Tailwind, daisyUI
  • JavaScript
    • Build: Vite
    • Component Library: React
    • State Management: Redux, RTK-Toolkit with RTK-Query, PouchDB

Harman Goei (hrgui) is a developer that loves to make cool and awesome web applications. His strength is in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, but he is willing to code anywhere in the stack to make the web be awesome.

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